What if I tell you you’ve been drinking Bacardi white rum wrongly. And we have a better way for you to drink it. Keep reading, you’ll surely love it. 

Honestly, we all love getting drunk from time to time. While we may love that tipsy feeling, we are also worried about awful hangovers. 

Someone on Reddit shared a better way to drink white rum, and you must surely try it. According to the Reddit user, you should mix white rum with tender coconut water. 


Mix three to four portions of tender coconut with one portion of Bacardi, and you’ll have the smoothest, tastiest drink ever with zero hangover or gastric problems. It’s better if you can have actual tender coconut water, not the bottled ones or the ones you can order on insta mart.

Honestly, even I am intrigued and convinced to try rum with coconut water now. Because, hey, what better way to keep yourself hydrated. 

Not only this, but we also have Redditors sharing some more useful tips to make your alcohol taste better. 

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