While we all love to cheer on people who offer us inspiration with how they show up in life, we rarely consider the hardships they’ve had to deal with in trying to do that. 

We call people heroes, but don’t discuss or ask questions about the difficult circumstances they’ve had to surpass. For instance, this Zomato delivery person who was spotted delivering food, while carrying his children. 


Food blogger Saurabh Panjwani shared a video introducing his followers to a delivery person who carries his daughter and son to every delivery address assigned. 


While it’s definitely heartwarming to see a person prioritize their children so well, we’re also forced to take a hard look at the unfairness of the situation. It’s unfortunate that he has to take on so much on the daily! You can watch the entire video here. 

Here are the comments the video has received. Many have sent out a lot of love and applause for him. 


While we applaud his bravery and perseverance, we wish there were better systems in place to support parents like him.