Growing up in a Rajasthani marwari household, I’ve always had a thing for bhujia.

It became a part of all my meals and then one day I ate it with bread and my life changed thereafter.


If you are one of those who’d say, “Whaaaat”, hear me out.

One, yes, bread and bhujia is a legit combination and two, it is yummy.


Bread with bhujia is undoubtedly the best snack you can enjoy with limited resources at your disposal.

Add Thums Up or any other soft drink, and the combo is ready.


I’ve tried so many different variants of it, that if you tell me that bread+bhujia+pickle+cheese is also a thing, I’ll easily agree.

Actually, this is the best part about bread and bhujia. You can give it your own touch and put in as much innovation you want, and trust me it won’t go wrong.

I am not joking because there are people who eat bread+jam+bhujia.

Bread+bhujia is amazing in itself, but many people prefer eating it with ketchup also. This is because ketchup enhances its taste.

Well, I know I do not like my pizza with ketchup, but c’mon this is doable guys.


And if you are tired of eating mainstream sandwiches, you can make one using bread and bhujia and whatever else you want.

I myself have done it a lot on our train journeys. And also seen people staring at me and my family for eating this unusual food combination.

At times, when the hostel mess was closed, or we were late, I made this bhujwich for myself. It soon got popular among all students.


We tried all the possible permutations and combinations to make the best bhujwich ever.

Mayo? Daal diya.

Cheese? Daal diya.

Maggi? Daal diya.

You name the ingredient and we had it in our bhujwich.


Now, if you are confused about which bhujia to use, aloo or plain, both taste great, because I have tried both. You need to try it to decide.

From breakfast to midnight snack, bread and bhujia is that food combination we can always count on. All we need is a packet of bread and bhujia.

And the marwari kid in me can’t stop writing about it.

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