Dosa with sambhar and chutney is a staple cuisine in Southern part of India. I live in Delhi-NCR and I often eat dosa outside. Sometimes I even prepare it at home. A good thin, crispy dosa wrapped inside the stuffing of mashed aloo with rai and kadi patte ka tadka is what makes a healthy breakfast option for me. ‘Coz it’s low in calories, high in fibre and tastes delicious. Aur kya chahiye? Onion chutney. Yes. That’s it.

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I know you are about to say that I am missing something major here, without which this dish won’t be complete. But, to be honest, I really don’t need it. I am talking about sambhar. I HATE SAMBHAR.

There, I said it.

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I am not saying this for the sake of it. I literally dislike its taste. I love dal. It is my comfort food. But I don’t understand the concept of sambhar. No offense to dosa-sambhar lovers, but for me, it’s quite sour to begin with (thanks to tamarind), is way too runny (like ubali-hui-dal ka paani), contains duniya bhar ki sabziyaan (God knows, why?), and doesn’t go with dosa at all.

And who really is in favour of pumpkin, bottle gourd, carrot, and drumstick pieces floating around? I know I am not. Dal with kaddu, lauki, gajar, and moringa? No thanks.

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In fact, it looks like one of the biggest water bodies in the world. Yeah not kidding. There is the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and Hostel dal. (I am adding a fourth point) There is sambhar too.

Is it a soup, is it a stew? Who knows? Sambhar looks like another version of hostel ki dal which I definitely do not enjoy with a plate of dosa. What’s with the combination of a wafer-like, thin crunchy masala dosa with mess waali dal? I simply don’t want to torture my taste buds like that. Mujhe dosa dedo, main isi mein hi khush hoon. So, don’t ever offer me sambhar, man.

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No, I am not rejecting the dish. So don’t be like, ‘tum North Indians ko kya pata asli taste kya hota hai…’ or ‘ek baar Mysore ya Bengaluru aao, phir batana’. From fine-dine restaurants to street style, I have tasted both kinds of sambhars. But humse na ho payega.

Most of you will argue that dosa without sambhar is like sex without the moaning, cricket without a bat, and a body without the soul. But still, no. Forget extra, I won’t ask for sambhar for the first time.

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For me, it’s not about the place. Really. I once visited Bengaluru and tried dosa-sambhar at an eatery there, thinking an authentic South Indian dosa-sambhar might change my opinion. But it didn’t. Tbh, I loved dosa with chutneys, but I still can’t shake my hand with sambhar. Ye dosti nahin ho sakti. Period.

P.S. I eat my dosa with onion chutney or green chutney ‘coz coconut one is not that great either.

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