Desi weddings are not complete without one of the guests creating siyapa ‘coz unko kisi ne drink ya khaane ke liye nahin pucha! Yeah, yeah, I know it has reminded you of your phuphaji-jijaji’s naraazgi moments at family weddings.

Now that you are into that zone, this Kerala wedding video needs your attention. So, here’s what happened. A wedding in Alappuzha city turned into an akhada after the guests were denied papads during feast.

And of course, the video of the fist fight between the guests and the catering staff is going viral. The clip posted by @ByRakeshSimha shows them fighting insanely in a hall and smacking utensils on each other.

Watch it here:

According to a report by Onmanorama, the argument, which turned into an ugly fight, had begun after some friends of the groom asked for extra papads (pappadam) but the catering staff denied their requests. The brawl escalated after others joined in and broke into two separate groups. All of them also attacked each other with tables and chairs. The incident took place in the auditorium near Choondupalaka Junction at Muttam in Harippad on Sunday.

As seen in the clip, Muraleedharan, the auditorium owner, who rushed to the scene where the fight was taking place, was hit on the head. He was later admitted to a private hospital. Apart from him, two guests were injured.

The report further suggests that Muraleedharan has filed a police complaint regarding the incident while claiming that he has suffered a loss of ₹1.5 lakh.

Fifteen people were booked in the case and a search for them is on, said an officer.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this video:

WWE for papad! By the way who won the brawl! And biggest question where is da papad da (sic)! 


Like in North India, during marriage ceremony , there will be two characters – PhuFaa ji and JiJaJi who needed to be coaxed and kept in good humour as they tend to be in perpetual higher pedestal looking for trouble. In kerala it is “Ammavan”/maternal uncle (sic).


Now, let’s see how fight over food happens in North Indian weddings. This shaadi function in Delhi’s Janakpuri area getting ruined after the guests fought with hotel staff over the quality of food is all about that. Watch the video here:

North or South, desis are desis. So, what did your guests do during wedding functions? Chalo-chalo ab bata bhi do!