There’s something about street food that eating at a hotel cannot beat. And with the plethora of street food options India has to offer, the experience only gets better. Our country has street food for every taste bud and pocket.

Now, we all know about the popular ones like gol gappe and chaat, here are some of the lesser known street food from India that you absolutely should not miss.

1. Kalari Kulcha

This Jammu delicacy is not just any kulcha. Kalari kulcha is made from a local cheese called ‘kalari’. And every bite promise a cheesy explosion in your mouth.

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2. Goli Bhaje

Also known as Mangalore Baiji, this is unlike any other fried snack. With a crispy outer texture, the inside is spongy and has curd and several spices. Yum!

goli bhaje
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3. Keemar Doi Bora

This West Bengal snack is a unique twist to the humble dahi vada. Meatballs are deep fried and is then soaked in a spicy curd mix that doesn’t disappoint. Usually this is made out of mutton, but you can substitute this for any meat if you decide to make it at home.

keema'r doi bora
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4. Mangalore Buns

Think malpua but a little savoury. Mangalore buns are made of mashed bananas, all purpose flour, curd, sugar, salt, cumin seeds and baking powder. These little pooris are served with coconut chutney or sambar.

mangalore buns
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5. Shingju

If you love a little crunch in your salad then this Manipuri delight is just for you. Shingju is made from locally available greens, herbs, chilli, and fermented fish which imparts a delightful flavour.

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6. Malaiyo

This sweet treat from Varanasi has a texture that will make you feel like you are eating clouds. Made with milk foam, saffron, cardamon, and pistachio, you have to give this a try. This is Uttar Pradesh’s answer to Delhi’s Daulat Ki Chaat.


7. Pyaaz Ki Kachori

This Rajasthani kachori is unlike any other. It has a spicy onion filling which makes it perfect for breakfast, snacks, or even a meal.

pyaaz kachori

8. Churmur

This chaat is basically like deconstructed phuchkas. The golgappas are crushed and it is mixed with potatoes, spices and tamarind water. Quite a tangy chaat from the Land of Sweets.


9. Mirchi Bajji

Found all across India, this street food is a treat for all spicy food lovers. Stuffed green chillies are dipped in a batter of gram flour and spices, and the result is absolutely spot-on on flavours.

10. Siddu

This Himachali snack is perfect for all those cold winter nights. Think momos, but desi. Siddu is usually served with ghee but people also have it with green chutney or meat curry.


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