Remember the time Maggi was banned? Well, we all went bonkers after getting the news. After all, the noodle has been our snack for a long time, right? But one can’t deny the fact that we all switched to other noodles to satiate our needs. 

But today, among the many unpopular opinions, we found out that the superiority of Maggi is plunging, and we have proof. 

Yup, someone on Reddit shared how Yippee noodles are better than Maggi, and it’s shocking as most people agree with this person. 

A lot of people have shared different options they would try instead of Maggi. Most of them have opted for Wai Wai, Chings, Top Ramen and the list hardly includes Maggi. 

 Maggi fans? Assemble!

But it looks like Top Ramen noodles are the winner in this debate. Of course, Maggi couldn’t beat it for years.

Clearly, Top Ramen is the winner!

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