Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the iconic movie that gave us a gazillion memories throughout our childhood, is best known for its train-catching scene in the climax. And recently, a similar incident played out in real life as a food delivery agent was seen running towards a woman standing at the door of a moving train for her food.

No, we are not kidding!

Food | Credits: Twitter

Prathamesh Avachare, a social media influencer, took to his social media account and tweeted the seven-second video of the incident and it instantly reminded us of the famous movie scene. 

In the clip, the delivery agent of an on-demand multi-delivery service company was seen running with a white packet, which was supposed to get delivered to the woman standing at the door.

At last, he gave the package to the customer and she can be seen celebrating at the end.

Food | Credits: Twitter

The video has garnered 2,888 views so far. Here’s what the netizens thought of the video:

You can check the video here:

Now, we all need to have such dedication towards our work and appreciate delivery agents for all that they do.