Some food items are sort of like unsolicited comments by desi relatives. Everyone gets them and you grow up thinking that it’s normal, and many people around you turn a blind eye to just how distasteful they are… you get the drift. So you can understand why we’re really digging this Reddit thread where people have shared beverages they think everyone simply pretends to like. Right?

Here, take a look for yourself, you’ll be chuckling all the way down.

1. “Rooh Afza. It tastes like diabetes to me. I can feel my teeth rotting every time I taste it.”


Drink, Reddit

2. “I hate Red Bull, it tastes like cough syrup. IDK how people are addicted to it.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: IndiaMart

3. “Americano, Frappe, Latte and all other cafe versions of coffee. Nothing beats filter coffee.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Bean Box

4. “Beer. It tastes so bitter to me, every time I try it. The only brand I found somewhat palatable was Fosters. Also Dr. Pepper. Tastes like Phensedyl cough syrup.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Magician

5. “Green tea, these fitness freaks in my office drink green tea as if it’s an elixir for immortality.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Vahdam Teas

6. “Sparkling water.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Everyday Health

7. “Alcohol in general. I’d rather drink mango juice.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Healthline

8. “Real or Natural brand fruit juice. Tastes like some cough syrup. Paper Boats are way better.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Wikipedia

9. “Most mocktails served in pubs. That’s a secret tax for not drinking alcohol.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Surely

10. “Root Beer! Heard so much about it in comics and movies – but the first time I tried it, it was just – uuuuuughhh.”


Drink, Reddit

11. “Plain, hot milk. Can’t drink without Boost or Horlicks. Also Complan, never liked the taste of it.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Stockfood

12. “F*cking maaza.”


Drink, Reddit
Credit: Juganhub

Which of these do you agree with?

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