As you get older, you realise that nothing can replace home-cooked food. And luckily, we’re living in a time where you can easily learn how to cook from the internet. Which is exactly why these desi chefs‘ YouTube channels are so loved! Many of us have learnt how to cook at least one thing from one of their YouTube videos. So we’ve compiled a list mentioning the best desi chefs on YouTube to both celebrate them, and share with the rest of you. Here, take a look:

1. Ranveer Brar

Ranveer Brar’s easy style of cooking is for everyone who feels intimated by kitchens and the idea of cooking. Chef Brar explains things so calmly and with the utmost cool-ness that you’ll want to start cooking!

2. Sanjeev Kapoor

The celebrity chef has a distinctly neat style of cooking and explaining his recipes. If you’ve been wanting to romanticise life by diving into cooking, Sanjeev Kapoor’s video will make you feel like you’re in culinary school and ready to feel cute about chopping an onion.

3. Kunal Kapur 

The Masterchef judge has a laid-back style of teaching his recipes. You’ll never feel pressured to rush or make the perfect dish with Kunal Kapoor. And you’ll learn about food and flavours better and better with each video.

4. Sanjyot Keer

Sanjyot Keer’s simple, homely recipes will have you hooked onto cooking. And this would be amplified if you love, solid, desi food and are looking to learn how to cook it.

5. Harpal Singh Sokhi

Harpal Singh Sokhi’s upbeat style of cooking tutorials are a treat for this subscribers. From Harpal Ki Rasoi to Turban Tadka, the chef has always been a culinary inspiration for desis.

6. Ajay Chopra

The celeb chef has been conquering the world with his YouTube channel and multiple shows. So if you’re looking to learn to cook better – Mr. Chopra’s YouTube Channel is a great place to stop by.

7. Sanjay Thumma

Famously known as VahChef, Sanjay Thumma has a world of experience under his belt. From having owned multiple restaurants in Chicago to setting up a studio and starting his YouTube channel, the chef has done it all. If you want to reach that professional level of cooking – then his channel is definitely worth subscribing to.

Looking at all these videos has made me mad hungry, BRB going to go grill a cheese sandwich.

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