Who doesn’t enjoy going to restaurants? We all do. But, among many other things, not being served hygienic food is one of the most bothersome aspects of dining out.

We presume that we are being served edible food, despite the fact that we rarely know what happens behind the restaurant’s kitchen doors. If you have trust issues with such things, this news will most likely make you wary the next time you eat out.

An eatery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was recently shut down when it was discovered that it had been making samosas and other delicacies in toilets for more than three decades. 

According to Gulf News, after getting a tip about the terrible food culture, the Jeddah Municipality busted the restaurant in a residential building. Officials also learned that the eatery was using expired food, some of which were two years old. Insects and rodents were also found at the site.

Reportedly, all of the workers had no health cards and were ineligible to work in the country due to residence requirements.

Khaleej Times

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time a Saudi Arabian restaurant has been closed due to unsanitary circumstances. In January, a video of a rat devouring meat from a shawarma skewer went viral on social media.

It prompted some users to urge that the restaurant be shut down. Later, the Shawarma restaurant in Jeddah was forced to close. 

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