Would you believe me if I told you that we found a bizarre food combo that looks and feels like 2020 on a plate? This atrocious disaster will definitely make you a little sick in the stomach. 

Well, a self-proclaimed foodie took to Instagram and posted a video of samosa stuffed inside a pav and layered with chocolate sauce and white chocolate fudge. 

Nope, you did not drift off to your worst nightmare, but this combo definitely feels like a gluttony’s personal hell. 

Ok, I’m not even lying, I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I don’t mean to disrespect food in any way but it was an involuntary gag reflex. 

I mean why would you consciously take three perfectly balanced dishes that individually have their own comfort and charm, just to turn it into something so disturbingly disgusting? 

It feels exactly like what 2020 did to our hopes, travel plans, and aspirations, TBH. 

As someone who literally lives for food, I have so many questions. WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR SANE MIND REPLACE THE DRY-RED CHUTNEY OF A VADA PAV WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE? WHY?

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Oh god, do you think the samosa was still stuffed with aloo? Imagine the horror of tasting masala aloo with chocolate and fudge. 

As someone who only eats the samosa for the outer crispy crust, I am personally offended by how the chocolate sauce and fudge will make the sides soggy. Leave alone the disgusting sweet and savoury combo. 


Well, I’m not the only one who hates it, Netizens are on my side here: 

Just another disturbingly memorable mishap of 2020.