If you're someone who has major lockdown cravings with zero culinary skills, join the club. Our only saving grace in times like these is to religiously follow the easiest recipes available on Google without trying to sabotage it. 

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In fact, did you know that the recent Google Trends Report noticed the highest record of people searching for new recipes? People like you and me with no experience in the kitchen and a lot of cravings have looked up more recipes during the coronavirus pandemic than before. 

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If you're a quarantine chef, we're sure you must have looked up half of these most searched desi recipes by now: 

1. Dalgona Coffee

The quarantine frothy-caffeinated potion that took the entire internet by storm saw a 5,000 percent spike in Google searches during the lockdown. No points or guessing, it was the most searched quarantine recipe. 

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2. Chicken Momos 

You'd be lying to yourself if you claim that you haven't googled searched, 'how to momos at home' during the lockdown. Google recorded a 4,350 percent increase in the number of searches for chicken momo's recipe. 

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3. Mango Ice Cream 

With an increase of 3,250 percent, Mango ice cream has become the third most searched quarantine recipe. 

Source: Sandhy's Kitchen

4. Cake 

Even if you love baking, I'm pretty sure sometimes you must Google the recipe to get your proportions right!

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5. Samosa 

The desi tea-time snack that we all love to miss has made its way to the most searched quarantine recipes. 

Source: Simply Recipes

6. Jalebi 

No matter how your mood is, these swirls of sweetness have the power to instantly cheer you up but only after you google how to cook them.  

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7. Dhokla 

Sometimes we all have cravings that we can't put a finger on. That is when these sweet and sour fluffy cakes come in handy. 

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8. Pani Puri 

Admit it, even if you precisely follow the step-by-step recipe, it just won't have the same punch to it as your favourite chaat stall. 

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9. Dosa 

How can these flavourful Indian savoury pancakes not make it to the most searched recipes list! Literally everyone I know is trying to ferment their homemade idli-dosai batter. 

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10. Paneer

Take it from a non-vegetarian, even we are looking for different paneer recipes these days. 

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The report also revealed that Coronavirus was the third most searched topic in India during the month of April as the search interest of  Corona grew more than 10 percent.