It’s almost exhausting at this point, but every now and then , some random white dude just comes and takes a shit on Indian food. FFS, you guys colonised us for those spices! What is wrong with you?

1. There might be some truth in that but if Tom Cruise is ordering second helpings, maybe your point is moot. 

2. You don’t have to eat it. 

3. The spices aren’t meant to hide the taste, they are meant to balance it. Just stick to eating potato salads, will you? 


4. This dude’s just f*cking racist. 


5. Awww, looks like you just went to Ramsay Gordon’s restaurants.


6. Firstly, you’re literally just describing a primarily vegetarian household in North India. 

7. Maybe, move the F out of North India if you visit India again. 


8. Of course, she does. 

Bollywood Life

9. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just you who doesn’t like it. 


10. Most of the above takes are either racist or personal opinions but this one is just so dumn. Like, you could have Googled that crap. 


See you again with an updated list in a few months.