Remember the times of CPU and a UPS? When the internet was something we would only see in Hollywood movies and fantasize about? Well, if that was the case then you’re a certified 90’s kid.   

While the kids from today have their Playstations to play those virtual games, they would never know the joy that our desktop games bought to us. So here is a list of video games from the ’90s, that will make you cry out of nostalgia.     

1. Roadrash

Who can forget our favorite motorbike racing game? Using chains to kicking to even bats, there was nothing that this game didn’t do to fulfill our violent pleasures.   


2. Midtown Madness 

From owning a Beetle to being chased by the police, this car racing game was undeniably a part of everyone’s childhood. 

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3. Prince Of Persia

How can we forget the endless inside that dingy castle, only to get stabbed in the back. Let’s just say that we never reached the princess.

4. House Of The Dead

The game revolves around a guy who wants to get to her kidnapped girlfriend. But, the plot thickens when he has to go through shooting various zombies and monsters to reach her. 


5. Mario

If you don’t know this game, are you even a 90’s kid? Our favorite plumber who went through various cliffs and hurdles to get through to the princess.  

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6. Dangerous Dave

Dave sure went through many dangerous levels to to get all those golden trophies. And while he might not get tired going for it, we sure never reached the last level. 


7. Wolfenstein 3D 

This was one super intense game where you being a criminal had to find your way to get out of the jail. But the real fun was to kill the police to get out of there. Who doesn’t want that now? 

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8. Tetris

This tile matching game has been a favorite for ages now. It still has many different versions, but the old one will always have our heart. 

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9. Virtua Cop 

What can go wrong when you are a cop running around the streets to shoot all those pesky gangsters. Amirite? 


10. Pac-Man

This beloved maze-arcade game which even though has so many new versions will never get something that one can get bored of.  


11. Lion King

The beloved movie had a very cute adaption as a PC game, where the lion cub, Simba had to go through different hurdles in the jungle to reach his father.     


12. Donkey Kong

Who can forget the game that gave rise to our very own Mario? This game featuring a gorilla to create different hurdles so that noone can reach the princess was everything. 

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13. Sky Roads

Who can forget this game? Our very own version of becoming an astronaut by jumping and avoiding the blocks at a high speed in space was spectacular. 

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14. Mortal Kombat

This brutal game would’ve been the first thing to teach what actual violence is. This one on one fight had everything from throwing fire balls to throwing punches. 


15. Aladdin

Our very own Aladdin worked really hard to get through his princess Jasmine. From walking on fire to hiding from those ruthless guards. This game was all sorts of adventure. 

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16. Doom

The good old friendly game where you have to kill all the demons to save the planet. Aah! Good times. 


17. Motorcross Madness

An arcade game which takes your bike to different realms. You can skid, you can jump you can do anything you want. Literally!

18. Age Of Empires

The whole game about strategizing to build our own civilization and compete with people while doing so. 


19. Sonic The Hedgehog

Water, land and air. The super fast Sonic runs through various hurdles to reach his destination.   

20. Duke Nukem 3-D

This action filled game is all about kicking that alien butt and saving pretty women from their wrath. What else can one ask for?


Can’t wait to find that dusty desktop and play these games.  

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