Ever been in one of those phases where you are feeling very low and losing interest in things? The kind people of Reddit, have shared some tips that have drastically improved their mental health. Check them out, see what works for you, try to incorporate them into your life, and see if it’s helping you in improving your mental health. And if your problems still persist, I urge you to take some professional help.

1. “Sleep.”

– ortolon

2. “Also, learning not to stress about not sleeping when you’re lying in bed and rather just getting comfy and letting it happen.”

3. “Knowing it’s okay to leave some people behind.”

4. “Being honest and transparent about how I’m feeling. “I’m not mad at you, my brain just hates me right now,” has helped mitigate lots of fights and awkward conversations.”

5. “Exercise.”

6. “Taking vitamin D and B supplements and getting enough sleep. Really helped reduce excessive thinking and fixating on negative things from my past.”

7. “Getting a job that paid a living wage improved my mental health 1000%.”

8. “Enforcing boundaries in work.”

9. “Stopping hormonal birth control. Didn’t realize how much it was messing with me.”

10. “Eating breakfast. I’d often describe to my boss and coworkers that I’d have really bad brain fog that I sometimes couldn’t think at all. I usually wouldn’t eat until around 1 pm or 2 pm when I’d been up since 9 am. I had to start getting up around 8 am or sometimes 7 am and I would have extra time to get food. Once I did, the brain fog went away and the change was immediate.”
– christygl7

11. “Quit having grudges with people. Let them go and you’ll be relaxed.”

12. “Being significantly pickier about who I spend time with. I now actively seek out friendships with kind, creative people and actively do not go to extended family gatherings.”

13. “Deleting my Facebook account.”

14. “Quitting added sugars. Had no idea how much sugar was dictating my moods.”

15. “Something small that has helped me is saying aloud “What a beautiful day, today is”. It’s small but I have a better outlook.” 

These might seem like really small things, but they can help you improve your mental health significantly. Again, if your problems persist, please seek some professional help.

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