We live in times with constant advancements in different spheres. However, there are still basic facilities that we are lagging behind on. Especially when it comes to people with disabilities, like those who use wheelchairs. This only makes the places around us less welcoming.

A Twitter user, Kavya Mukhija shared her experience at a PVR, where she had to sit near a door because the theatre wasn’t wheelchair accessible. In her tweet, she mentioned that she went out to watch a movie with her family after a long time at PVR, Vegas Mall, Sector 14, Dwarka.

She had heard that it was wheelchair accessible, something that was also mentioned on their BookMyShow page.

They went there only to find out that there were regular seats designated for wheelchair users and no proper provision. When they talked to the deputy manager, he mentioned that the theatre is accessible for wheelchair users, given that the wheelchair could enter. Understandably, this made her feel like an outsider.

People also reacted to the incident in support, while talking about the need to create better, more inclusive spaces. 

After the movie, she made it a point to discuss this with the deputy manager and he apologized mentioning that he’d convey it to the committee. 

However, this does not dismiss the fact that most public spaces still remain inaccessible with little to no focus on inclusivity. It is also misleading to claim that a space is accessible when there are no specific provisions made. We definitely need more sensitivity around us.