The internet’s recent viral sensation, the epic Gopi Bahu mashup, created by music producer Yashraj Mukhate, undoubtedly left an indelible impression on everyone’s minds (and ears). 

The song became so popular that Kokilaben herself reached out to Yashraj, to congratulate him. And soon after, peak social media humor was attained after a Twitter user made a thread of Arnab Goswami as Kokilaben. 

I mean, you’d think Kokilaben has exclusive rights to giving Rashiben the ‘evil eye’, but actually, Arnab’s been doing the same with participants on his debate show for years. 

It’s uncanny, the way their reactions match, and my only question is, who inspired whom?

Now that’s what you actually call twinning! 

Suffice to say, Twitterati was visibly impressed: 

Nation may not have wanted to know this, but we’re sure as hell happy to have got it.