Chances are that you might have seen the funny and sometimes, inadvertently, profound messages that are written on the back of a truck. These trucks are found so frequently in India. And when a truck with a unique message comes up, everyone sits up and takes cognizance. This is what happened when a Twitter user spotted this truck somewhere in North India. With a message on feminism.

Taking to Twitter, a user (Francis Forever) shared a picture of a truck which had a feminist message painted on it. It read, “Bade ho kar, FEMINIST banunga” (Translation: I will grow up to become a feminist). The word ‘feminist‘ has been written in bold, black letters. She captioned the tweet, “I wish I was making this up.”

Take a look at the tweet here.

We stan feminists!

The truck went viral on social media and fetched over 69K views, more than 2K likes, and over 180 retweets and comments. People loved this message on the truck. It has become quite a hot topic on social media.

Here’s what they had to say.

A picture speaks louder than words.