Finding a roommate in Bangalore, or a house to rent is like a type of content in itself. Because problematic landlords and roommate searches have led people to be very creative. And this time, it’s about a roommate who reminds us of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

Source: American Profile

A Twitter user, @akshathakurr, shared a screenshot of his digital calendar which shows a ‘monthly roundup’ at 2 pm. Apparently, it was scheduled by his roomie, whom he has been living with, for a month now. This is such a sitcom episode.

Of course, this reminds us of Sheldon Cooper, and how he scheduled yearly reviews to access his roommate (or Leonard). Now, we’re wondering if they have a roommate agreement as well. The thing is, that roommate and house hunts in Bangalore lead to such weird stories, that nothing surprises us anymore.

Twitter loves that they’ve found a desi real-life Sheldon.

Bangalore is such a mood.