Remember the rent debate between Delhi-Mumbai-Bengaluru? We clearly had a loser back then. Sorry, Mumbaikars.

With offices reopening, some people are relocating and finding spaces to live. But how do you find the right flatmate, or how do you connect with them? Well, this Twitter account has found a solution to this. 

The initiative by Twitter user Karthika helps people to find flatmates in Bengaluru. The community BangloreRoomi will connect you to people who are looking for roommates. All you need to do is tag BangloreRoomi. 

The page will retweet your post which will connect you to people who are looking for flatmates in Bengaluru. Once you have found your roommate, it will remove your post to maintain transparency.

Twittizens feel it’s a great way for people to connect without getting lost in hundreds of tweets. This will surely make the quest to find a roommate a little more convenient. 

Clearly, people want one such community for Delhi and Mumbai too. 

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