It’s always Delhi vs. Mumbai right? But it seems like Bengaluru has replaced Delhi this time. In today’s episode of Twitter debates, we have people discussing the merits and the demerits of living in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. 

It all started with a few Bengaluru residents taking to Twitter to find flatmates while sharing some stunning pictures of the property.  

Case in point, it started with this:

And this:

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Now looking at these properties Mumbaikars were soon to point out how natural light or a terrace flight is a mere luxury for them. Not to mention Mumbai is an infamous city for high rents and shorter spaces to live in. 

According to Mumbaikars on Twitter, the rent mentioned in these posts would not go far in the Maximum City. People from Mumbai were clearly amazed by these beautiful houses, and here’s what they had to say:  

Delhiites couldn’t resist joining the ‘Bangalore vs. Mumbai’ debate on Twitter. According to them, Delhi is an affordable city to live in.  

Someone also tried to end this debate by posting this:

Mumbaikars be like: kya karu main mar jau?

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