You know that life on social media is overwhelming the world when people start tanning their genitals based on a TikTok trend. Umm, yes! You read that right. 

Apparently, there’s a viral WTF TikTok trend called ‘Perineum Sunning’ where people are exposing their bare genitals to the sun in ASSUMPTION that it’ll bring lots of Vitamin-D and positive energy to the body. 


In the name of wellness, TikTok influencers are grabbing millions of views by either lying down on their back and spreading legs mid-air or doing the Yoga downward dog pose to expose their bare genitals to the sun. They’re saying that it enhances sleep, concentration, and creativity. (Yup, I’m also facepalming hard) 

This practice — also referred to as “sunning your holes” — has been ongoing for the past few years but has blown up in recent months. Reportedly, while advocating this infamous practice, influencers are claiming “30 seconds is equivalent to walking around in the sun with all your clothes on all day long. Vitamin D, soaking it up.”


Meanwhile, Health Experts and Doctors are legit warning people of the dire consequences originating from this ridiculous practice. They say that it can burn your sensitive skin down there and even increase the risks of skin cancer.

Insider reports what Doctors are saying about this practice.

Yes, practicing mindfulness and meditation, and getting your dose of Vitamin D, is beneficial for mental and physical health, but you don’t need to damage your skin in the process from sun exposure.

-Dr Diana Gall, Doctor-4-U

This is a classic example of social media medical misinformation which in some cases can be damaging or dangerous.

-Dr Stephanie Ooi, MyHealthcare Clinic

Apparently, this trend began in 2019 when a self-proclaimed healer called Metaphysical Megan put out a post with a comprehensive post in favour of Perineum Sunning that she claimed originated from an “ancient Taoist practice.” 

But this exercise does not seem to have any merit. It does more harm than good. Allure also quoted Doctors talking about this good-for-nothing practice.  

The reported increased energy from daily bum sunning may more likely be from waking up early at the same time every day and getting some exercise to find that private Instagram-worthy sunning rock.

– Dr. Prather

The lesson here is that as intimidating as the social media world is, you don’t need to gulp everything that influencers say. This is outright dangerous and stupid, and so we need to exercise caution while navigating whatever is out there to trap us.