Texting with your cab driver is mostly straightforward but for some people, it ends up being unintentionally hilarious. Here are a few examples of the same. Full rating for these.

1. You know what sir, we understand. 

2. Savage. 

3. Oh, Dinesh!


4. How do you give 6 stars out of 5.


5. Please let all your cabbies eat their paranthas.

6. This is great news.


7. I feel like even I would have thanked the cabbie without asking who it is.

8. I mean, technically it is a cat.


9. This cabbie is like my mother.

10. Every app is a dating app if you/’re committed enough. 

(Don’t do this, ideally)

11. Cute.

12. Have you, though? Don’t change the topic.

Cab world is all sorts of funny. And sometimes strange.