How many times have you cancelled an Ola/Uber because the cab driver took longer than the stated estimated arrival time on the app? I’m sure you have lost count.
Drivers can get late for a variety of reasons – the app glitching because of server issues, traffic jams, or like in this case, the driver must be finishing his paratha. Yes, you read that 100 per cent right.

A user took to Twitter to narrate this incident. Karishma Mehrotra tweeted how when she asked the cab driver whether he was coming to her pick up spot, the driver said “aaunga hundred percent ek paratha Kha Raha Hun aadha bacha” (100% sure I will be coming, I’m eating a paratha right now. Half of it is left).

“This is the type of honesty I hope to achieve in life,” said the original tweet. This honest incident left Twitter in splits.

A user later asked if the driver really came to the spot or not. And turns out he did.

Cab drivers are known for their savage and funny responses on texts. But this one with his honesty won the internet’s heart. Truly a man of God!