Cemeteries all across the world have one thing that binds them all – an eerie feeling looming in the air. This cemetery in Iran, also, exudes an eerie feeling. Just not in the sense anyone would expect from a cemetery.

Khalid Nabi Cemetery in Iran is a unique spot. The cemetery has tombs and gravestones that are shaped like human genitalia. And no, it’s not just you who cannot wrap your head around it. Even experts are baffled.

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Located in the North Iranian mountains near the Turkmenistan border, the cemetery has around 600 graves. According to this report by The Mirror, most of these graves are shaped like a phallus. Some experts suggest that the structures may be traced back to phallus worshipping peoples from Central Asia and India. But there is no conclusive evidence to prove this claim.

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The cemetery also has a 4th-century tomb belonging to a Yemeni Christian prophet. Pilgrims flock to the site to tie ribbons on the shrine. Speaking to the media, a citizen journalist said, “According to local residents who live nearby, on days when the site is empty of tourists, certain individuals sneak in and vandalise the stones.”

While experts are still trying to figure out the significance of the genitalia-shaped gravestones, the cemetery has gone viral on social media for this exact reason.

Tourists flock to the cemetery to see these unique gravestones. The cemetery is a national heritage site protected by the Iranian government.