It’s good to be adventurous. It’s good to be welcoming to change. But not when it’s food. Especially when the result is a disaster.

While fusion food is a thing, what we generally end up making is nothing close to edible. It’s not even good-looking.

1. Broccoli Samosa

Remember when Broccoli samosa was prepared for Donald Trump on his presidential visit to India?

Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo…

2. Dosa Masala Burger

Wow, what next? Idli and chutney in between the bun.

3. Nutella Chicken

Only the thought of nutella with chicken is enough to make you recoil.

curly tales

4. Gulab Jamun Pizza

I am feeling so bad for pizza. What was its fault?

Indian Express

5. Oreo Bhajiyas

My eyes are paining.

6. Nutella Biryani

I love Nutella. I love Biryani. But this is not acceptable.

7. Ferrero Rocher Manchurian

How on earth is this even possible?

8. Maggi Pani Puri

Great. Someone just ruined both.

9. Chocolate-coated Fried Chicken

Oh how I wish it was a cake.

India Today

Wait, there’s a video recipe? Now I feel nauseated.

10. Pasta Dosa

Contempt of dosa?


11. Ice Cream Vada Pav

This is a man-made calamity.

India Today

12. Masala Chai Ice Cream


And now I can never have chai and parantha for breakfast again.

13. Noodle Samosa

Is it samosa? Is it spring roll?

magic pin

14. Dal Makhani Pasta

It’s a sin to even imagine this. And I do not want to go to hell for this reason.


15. Italian Pasta Biryani


16. Dhokla Pizza

Matlab fusion ke naam pe kuch bhi?


17. Beer Maggi

I hope it tastes as gross as it looks.

18. Croissant Vada Pav

Is it a Croissant? Is it a Pav? Is it a Croissant Vada Pav?

19. Gulab Jamun Pancakes

Let’s face it. This is our Malpua.

20. Maggi Kulcha

And I always thought Chhole and Kulche has a forever bond.

Can it get any weirder?