It would be an understatement to say that the culture in our subcontinent is rich. We have an insane variety of cuisines and other general wellness items, most of which are organic. The west is still discovering many of these things, and it’s interesting (sometimes offensive) to see them come up with their own versions of them. Here are some.

1. Chai which they serve as chai tea latte. 

‘Latte’ is used to indicate that the drink has milk. But ‘chai’ in itself means that it does. And ‘tea’ is totally unnecessary. Anyway, they are big on it.

2. Chapati that they serve as “roti bread” or naan which they serve as “balloon bread”.

‘Roti bread’. Same logic as the first point. Moving on

3. Monkey cap, which has blown their minds.

They are so excited about the fact that there could be a piece of clothing that can be used as a mask, scarf, and cap. It’s almost endearing.

4. Henna ‘tattoo’. 

Don’t mind that henna has become so popular abroad. Something like this was going to be, but the excitement for it is a bit fascinating when you have been using it for life. 

5. Miswak – the organic toothbrush.

A twig used to clean teeth is not a novel concept in the sun-continent, and many other countries actually. America, though, woke up to it very recently. 

6. Gooseberry – the wonder medicine.

Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara have started using amla products, and also promote it as this ‘miracle berry’. Hmm, guess where we have heard this before!

7. Turmeric latte – AKA haldi doodh.

Parents will be so happy to see this. So, so happy. Until they see the price it is sold for.

So much catching up to do.