We Indians can pull off everything in life. Be it swimming to work on rainy days or finding a genuine excuse to be late. There’s a whole list of things the world can learn from us Indians.  

A classic example of this came to light when a village in Gujarat arranged a fake IPL and even managed to dupe money from Russian gamblers. The how, what, when, where, who, and why of this story is crafty and deserves your attention! Read on. 

As per reports, this fake match was arranged by a group of farm laborers in Molipur village in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. The players of this crafty match were 21 farm laborers and unemployed youth from the village masquerading as players. 

The bets were placed from the Russian cities, including Tver, Voronezh, and Moscow. This near-perfect IPL had Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Mumbai Indians (MI), Gujarat Titans (GT), and other IPL Teams. 


The arrangements were so good that they even roped a commentator from Meerut to mimic Harsha Bhogle. To make the match look authentic, they had a few walkie-talkies in front of five HD cameras and even added crowd noise.  

A Telegram channel was made to take bets on a small audience of Russian punters who are accustomed to betting on T20 thrills and spills. Sadly, this con IPL could only reach till quarter-finals before getting caught by the police. 

The matches were played on a farm and broadcast live on Youtube as IPL for over a fortnight. What’s fascinating is the matches were played three weeks after the ‘real’ IPL concluded.

The reports claim that Shoeb Davda, the chief organiser of this con IPL, returned to Molipur after working eight months in a Russian pub famous for accepting bets. The laborers were offered Rs 400 per match, and Shoeb made the arrangements at Ghulam Masih farm.

Shoeb later informed the police about the mastermind of this plan Asif Mohammed and his other teammates, Sadiq Davda, Saqib, Saifi, and Mohammed Kolu, who umpired in the fake IPL matches. The first installment of bets from Russia worth Rs 3 lakh had just been delivered before they got caught. 

People on Twitter are left in splits after discovering this incredible story and want Akshay Kumar to make a film on it. They have a lot to say, have a look:

The Mehsana police have arrested four people and are investigating the matter ahead.

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