We Indians have a lot to offer to the world. From our desi jugaad for everything  to our diversity, there are many things to be proud of.  

Case in Point, desis on Reddit have been talking about things we Indians should be proud of compared to other western countries. 

1. “Our tendency to be jugaadoo ( no English word for it): one of the many examples:- we make chulhas with two openings so two items can be prepared simultaneously.”


2. “Reusing as much as we can. My mom reuses as many glass containers as possible for example and doesn’t toss them in the trash once done. I have seen some folks here in us who just throw things that could really be reused. And the number of paper towels/toilet paper used. While we just use used/old clothes to clean.”


3. “People’s connection and friendship, I personally think people in India are friendlier.”


4. “Sometimes it may not seem so, but India is very consumer-friendly when it comes to the internet. Having lived abroad and in India, the internet prices here are fantastic. It’s just a tragedy that big billion-dollar gaming companies rarely invest in servers here and we have to connect to servers far far away from India.”


5. “Spices – variety and a whole set of quality spices. They are affordable in India and can be purchased anywhere. The simplest person knows how to combine at least 5 spices together to create new flavors.”


6. ” Bollywood? Shahrukh Khan is known even in some small towns of Africa. Also during my stay in Kenya and Tanzania, I heard Africans speak Hindi. When I asked them where they learned they said, Shahrukh Khan.”


7. “Inexpensive to order food onine, UPI, low cost of living, the service industry is very very good if you have money, cheap telecom, internet.”


8. “Green dot and a red dot on food packaging identifying vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Highly underrated.”


9. “Why is no one pointing out Bollywood? Having a somewhat uncensored and free film industry portrays stories and ideas and allows for meaningful cinema. It is also how we export our culture and in many ways get Indian people a warm reception whenever they travel abroad.”


10. “Going to a doctor whenever I want without thinking about expenses for small things like cough, stomach ache, etc.”


11.”Flavorsome Food. I don’t know how most of the world survives on such bland food.”


12. “Indian classical music is by far one of the most beautiful sounds on the planet. The structure of the composition is wild from drones, rhythm, and melody.”


13. “Youtube tutorials. There’s an Indian tutorial video on subjects ranging from how to prepare Khaini to advanced Machine Learning.”


14. “The innumerable awesome vegetarian dishes. I tried to do my bit to help fight climate change but when it comes to food, I didn’t really have to make many adjustments, it was simple as I mostly eat veg stuff only.”


15. “Free food most famously on those gurudwaras. Big shout out to our Sikh brothers.”


16. “I honestly think India has one of the best histories. I am not trying to be biased but yes, every country has gone through its own struggles for freedom, civil wars, etc. But there’s just something about Indian history that’s very unique.”


17. “I think people. We are a very intelligent smart lot. We adapt well and thrive, no matter what the situation.”


18. “A lot has been mentioned, I would like to add “Unparalleled Hospitality.”


19. “Unified Payments Interface (UPI) India’s payment systems are far better than those of most countries, having the capability to process micropayments such as even 10 rupees or lower.”


20. “This may vary state by state, but the cheap and efficient public transport options available. At least in Karnataka, one can take a govt bus to pretty much any village in the state, with regular convenient service. The same can be said for trains.”


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