I am no scientist, but I can say with full certainty that something used to clean utensils, cannot bring someone back from death. Trust Indian TV’s conviction in the concept, though. Here, we look at instances when our shows defied all scientific theories, one plot twist at a time. 

1. When two men decided to win the love of a woman by getting her a literal chand ka tukda. 

While ISRO scientists put blood, sweat, and tears into successfully getting one lander on the surface of the moon, we have people literally breaking the satellite into pieces with a rope. 

Look at the conviction with which the woman asks for a piece of the moon and the diligence with which the two men follow her command (meanwhile, you can’t even get your guy to text back). 

2. When Sujal Garewal (played by Rajeev Khandelwal) in Kahiin to Hoga had a near-death experience and turned into a completely different person, thanks to plastic surgery. 

He went from this.


To this. 

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Kahiin Toh Hoga must have been set in a different universe because as of now, there is no proof this can happen in ours. 

3. Everything Dr. RP Salunkhe did on the show CID.


4. When Simar turned into a makkhi (fly) in Sasural Simar Ka.

Someone once said that art doesn’t have to be ‘real’, it has to ‘believable’. Indian TV shows are neither. 

This is scientifically not possible, that is obvious; nor is someone turning into Spiderman. I will watch Spiderman though because it is rooted in reality. Unlike SSK, where the bahu makes ladoos, goes to pataal lok because she has too much time in her hands, and comes back before dinner. Pretty wild schedule.


5. When a naagin (shapeshifter in this case), saves a person’s life by putting green spit on them.

While I am finding this highly troublesome, has anyone asked Shivangi if she can cure coronavirus with her spit?

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6. When the doctors in Bengali show, Krishnakoli, used scotch brite as a defibrillator to save a patient’s life.

The lack of inhibitions is what has caught my attention. They simply don’t care anymore, do they? In attempts more feeble than those of class 10 students preparing a skit for Teacher’s Day, the makers thought it would be okay to use scotch brite as a life-saving instrument and I…can’t. 

7. When this guy ran from across the room to save a girl who fell from 10-feet-high staircase, max.

It couldn’t have taken her more than 3 seconds to hit the ground but she stays in the air as this man stares at her, expresses his shock, runs through the lobby – and catches her finally. 

This is too bizarre. Not that I wanted her to die (though it looks like some of her family members did).

Someone give the Nobel Prize to them please.