It was just another day when we were scrolling through our feeds until we found this video that will instantly make you feel ten times better about yourself. This video is from Roadies Season 8 audition and you have to watch it. Roadies auditions are notorious for getting heated, but at the same time, some auditions are so hilarious that they will make you ROFL.

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This video checks all those boxes. So from Season 8, we have this dude who is an aspiring model. Vidya Bhushan thought Roadies would be the perfect spot to launch his modelling career and he entered the audition rink. You have Raghu, Rajiv, and Ranvijay on the panel. Then there’s our guy who hasn’t done his homework. Here are some snippets from the hilarious Roadies audition.

1. When he said that he agreed with the Ayodhya verdict despite not knowing anything about it.

roadies season 8 audition

2. You have to give it to this guy for being his most honest self on national television.

roadies season 8

3. General knowledge, clearly, isn’t his strong suit.


5. Honestly, same question bro.

rajiv roadies

6. Who’s gonna tell him that having a well-toned body isn’t a talent?

ranvijay roadies

7. Hands down, this statement takes the cake.

raghu roadies

You can watch the full Roadies audition here.

Creatives: Sawan Kumari

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