Overthinking saps your brain, but mostly everyone has mastered this art. Sure, it drains your heart, crushes your soul, and adds more troubles to your mind, and you still do it. But, hey, it’s time to put a hold on that overthinking button and let this article do it for you. All you have to do is keep scrolling and let these tweets overthink for you!

1. It is what it is. 

2. Always right! Don’t believe me? Read this.

3. Tumse hi din hota hai..

4. This one hits differently. Haina?

5. Oh wait, I have an Oscar speech ready!

6. No.

7. Are you?

8. We can predict the future dude.

9. Have faith in yourself. 

10. It’s a trap. It’s a pattern.

11. This tweet rightly captures the plight of an over-thinker.

12. Now, that’s how you prepare yourself for the worst scenarios.

13. This is out of the radar.

14. Just imagine how rich we all would be?

15. And that’s how you land into trouble. *sobs*

16. You can’t hurt me!

17. If you specialize in overthinking- you know how the night is. 

18. Mein apni favourite hoon!

19. This is me, This is you…. (IYKYK)

20. Just too many what if’s to answer. 

21. How much is too much?

22. Ouch. 

23. Reverse action!

24. It’s a full-time job, though.

Bhot overthink karliya! 

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