The year’s heat waves have taken a toll on our bodies and souls. With the temperature being only cruel to us ( after all, we are responsible for climate change), we have a lot of stories coming in all over from India.

Remember when a woman in Odisha cooked roti on a car’s bonnet? Well, today, the menu changed to a crispy dosa. A video from Hyderbad has gone viral for making dosa on the scooter seat. 

The video was shared by a page called streetfoodofbhagyanagr and has bagged more than 8 million views and 333k likes so far. “Don’t try it at home!” read the caption of the post.  

With the 40 degrees Celsius mark in Hyderabad, we don’t need fire to make dosas now because the summer heat is enough to do that. Have a look at the way the man flips the dosa!

Nonetheless, people are impressed with the dosa flip, including me. Though many speculated the video is edited- most others are concerned about the flavour it will give. 

Even wonder how the dosa would have tasted. 

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