From selling their farts to glorifying forest fires by posing in front of it, celebrities and influencers have been grabbing the headlines for the weirdest reasons. And now, an influencer revealed that he makes ₹26 lakh in one month by letting people wake him up however they want.

No, we are not kidding! 

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Jakey Boehm, the 28-year-old influencer, revealed that he earns a whopping £28,000 (₹26 lakh) per month by just asking people to wake him up in whichever way they want. Basically, he asks his followers to wake him up and they actually pay him.


In order to earn some extra money, the social media influencer came up with this unusual idea. Then, he equipped his bedroom with speakers, lasers, a bubble machine along with several other things that could disturb his sleep. 


And here comes the most interesting part – the viewers can actually control the devices in his bedroom through the interactive live stream. In fact, they can pick any annoying tune or song for the alarm.


In one of his videos, he abruptly woke up from sleep with bubbles at 12:30 AM, which garnered over 7 million views. In another video, the speakers in his room started playing loud dubstep sounds at 2 AM. 


In a conversation with Mirror, the influencer revealed:

It started as one single gift and one sound. We now have lights, bubble machines, inflatables, laser lights, and over 20 sound effects. Every night is the same, a sound or light is activated every 10-15 seconds, it’s constant all night.

The TikToker, who goes by @jakeyboehm, wishes to add several more features for his viewers and currently has over 5.2 lakh followers on the platform.