Kota needs no introduction. The Rajasthan city is synonymous with IIT coaching centres. How can we forget the show, Kota Factory, that made the city even more popular! Recently, a Twitter user tweeted a picture of kachoris from Kota junction. Much in line with the Kota spirit, the kachori was served on a recycled paper plate which had chemistry equations!

Twitter user, Anushka, posted a picture of the kachori with the caption, “Kota mai kachori bhi padhai karte hue khaani padti hai.” The tweet has fetched over 139.5K views, more than 3K likes, and many comments and retweets.

Old textbooks and notebooks are often sold and recycled to make paper plates and paper bags for street food vendors. Finding a chemistry equation plate in Kota, out of all places, made the tweet even funnier. The tweet sparked a meme fest on Twitter. Many users were amused by the plate. Some users went a mile ahead and even tried to solve the chemistry equation. Here’s what people had to say about this tweet.

Kota and padhai, definitely, go hand in hand.