Last week, the Ranbir-Alia wedding was technically an intimate affair but was feted like nothing short of a national festival.

Right from Sabyasachi outfits arriving in a kaali-peeli to a video of large kitchenware arriving in a truck at the venue, we had been gawking at the details of this wedding like we had a report to prepare afterward.

When it comes to the minutiae, yeah, we’ve been meticulously noticing every detail of everyone at the wedding, but are we guilty of it? Hell, no.

The best thing about a B-Town wedding is that it accommodates all the stars, not above, but under one roof. And Kareena Kapoor Khan at Ranbir-Alia somehow managed to take us back to every desi wedding which we might have ever attended. 

We have proof. 

1. Remember how your mother carefully planned and coordinated your and her outfit for a long-awaited wedding, only for it to be picture-perfect?

2. You know those relatives who first pester kids into attending the wedding and then make those uninterested souls also pose for a picture. Yeah that.

Also, she looks like a strong subscriber of- ‘too many people in the background, blur ’em all!’

3. You hand over your phone to someone to click a picture, so you are the only one who’s aware of being shot, hence the only one who actually poses.

Also, that one friend who posts pictures in which only they look good! Bebo is officially that friend. 

4. Nope, you don’t really wanna be around that relative who keeps asking “beta, pehchana mujhe?” but gotta deal with them only because your mom forced you to. 

Jeh baba, we get you.

5. Can you really afford to miss out on that perfect family photo? Nope. So you make your husband smile while trying to coax your not-so-interested kids into posing.

6. Yep, you wanna be the favourite ally of the new addition to your family. Kareena would undoubtedly be that person holding a thali and leading Alia’s griha-pravesh.

Funny how it’s totally imaginable.

7. Are you even a desi if you don’t recreate Bollywood scenes with your best friend at a wedding? 

Albeit, this time it’s Kareena channelling her inner Poo, as Karan Johar joins her.

8. Congrats, you’re not the only one whose Instagram feed is all about the last wedding you attended. Bebo is now a part of the club too. 

Yes Bebo, you got the dulhe-ki-behen behaviour right.