No wonder Bollywood harbors a great influence on us, and this love story from Prayagraj is proof.  

As per reports, a couple from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, madly in love- married to different people, decided to die together. And what happens next could be a plot for a Bollywood movie.

The couple who could not live together because of societal obligation decided to jump into the river Yamuna together. And here comes an uncalled twist, while the woman took the plunge, Chandu (the lover) did not. 

Shocked and betrayed by this, the woman came back to teach Chandu a lesson. How? She swam out of the river, and lodged an FIR against the lover. 

The incident took place on May 29 and was further investigated by circle officer Santosh Singh. Reportedly, an FIR has been lodged against Chandu for an attempt to murder and damage the woman’s mobile.

Following reports also claim the woman was in a relationship with Chandu for many years. A few months back, she went to Pune with her six-year-old daughter and found another twist.

In her absence, Chandu got married to someone else without informing her. The couple fought over it- Chandu promised to marry her after divorcing his wife. 

Hold on, there’s more: 

Chandu was reluctant with his promises, and later, the couple decided to die together at the New Yamuna Bridge. The woman alleged that the lover didn’t jump with her. She swam back to the river bank somehow and was admitted to a hospital by the Kydganj police.   

The end.

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