The Indian representation at Masterchef Australia always gets people talking, whether it’s contestants of the Indian origin or Indian food itself.

This time, people cannot get over a dish that was made by a contestant and it REALLY impressed the judges. None other than our favourite bhel puri.

Contestant Sarah Todd had made bhel puri in one of the rounds which required her to wrap things up fast. And we all know that if you’re making anything under 10 minutes, bhel puri is one of your safest bets.

Now, bhel puri is amazing but for most Indians, it is such a staple snack that to be described in detail and fascination was a little amusing.

It is quite funny but to be fair, and as mentioned before, it was a 10-minute challenge, and she couldn’t have cooked an elaborate dish in that time. So this was actually intelligent of her, bhel puri is packed with flavours.

Rest, the wonderment could come from the fact that the dish is not common in Australia, so even if judges knew about it (which I hope they did), it would make sense why they were so impressed.

Anyway, point is that bhel puri wins. It always does.