Our work-life-balance is not the only thing in flux this year. It’s also high-end, luxury fashion trends. How else do you explain ripped stockings for ₹14k, grass-stained jeans for ₹56k, or the latest, baguette bags for over ₹80k?


Yes, the Italian luxury fashion brand Moschino has introduced a maxi clutch that is not just shaped like a baguette but looks like one too. (You can’t make this up!)


Costing $1,170 (or ₹86,078 ) the bag comes with a gold-plated chain strap and is part of a new collection that also includes a croissant clutch. 


It looks like a croissant but it costs far more than any croissant would because the rich definitely have a ‘taste’ for absurd! Naturally, Twitterati had a lot to say about ameer logo ke ameer shauq:

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