Mothers’ responses to things are a class apart. No one can be as savage as them, but also no one can come close to being as wholesome. Here are a few responses by mothers on social media or in real life, that made the internet laugh and cry.

1. This kid came out as trans before his mother with a letter that he asked her not to open until he was at his dad’s place. She read what he had written and said this.

I am crying, you’re crying, everyone is crying.

2. A woman bought a Gucci belt worth ₹35k and when she showed it to her mother, her response was, “Hey ram, ye toh DPS ka belt lag raha hai“. A classic.

3. No one likes being cropped out of photos, so we totally understand why this woman’s mother was furious with her daughter for doing something outrageous like that. 

“You are in this world because of me”. Where have I heard that before?!

4. If there is anyone who knows how to keep you grounded, it’s your mother. You could win a Nobel Prize and she will be like, “Don’t act too smart”. That’s not a made-up scenario actually. Nobel Prize winner Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee was told something similar by his mother. After the economist’s victory, she was quoted as saying:

I don’t think that is something one should go on dancing about. Ok. He’s got some good work, he has got some recognition. We’re all happy about it. That’s it.

5. Having said all of that, no one can be happier about a person’s achievements than their mother. Look at this mom’s reaction to her son clearing the bar exam.

Where are tissues when you need them?

6. Okay, this is just too cute. Why are mommas like this?!

7. This mother did not want to wait for the child’s reply so she asked a question and answered it herself. Way to go!

8. Parents getting obsessed with Facebook after scolding us for using is, simply inspiring. 

9. The laughing-crying emoji is a tricky one, you have to admit that. So, it’s understandable that these mothers got it wrong. They thought they were crying emojis fit to be used for a conversation about death. 

10. Now while we are on the topic of emojis, here’s another mother who may have gotten confused about an obvious one. It’s okay though, happens!

11. Lastly, have you ever asked your boyfriend what he’d do if you turned into an insect? Oh, you are not that crazy? Right, I am. I did ask mine and he smirked and slept. This girl, though, asked her mother and look at the answer.

THIS, is how you answer that question. Breakup. 

Never a dull moment with mothers around.