So, Indian TV receives a lot of (understandable) flak for showing outrageously stupid stuff. 

Like, naags kissing.

People traveling the world after tripping into a bag.

Women washing laptops (which honestly is something even I want to do out of frustration at times).

What the f*ck, right? But hey, if it's any consolation, we are not the only ones. A clip has resurfaced from the show One Tree Hill where a doctor TRIPS and ends up throwing A HEART on the floor which is eaten by A DOG.

And you thought using scotch brite as a defibrillator was wild!

The clip is from season 6 of the show and the heart was for Dan Scott. Unfortunately though, a dog swooped in and ate it, adding to the never-ending misery of his character. 

I don't know what to tell you except that this started as a joke among the writers of One Tree Hill (you bet). In an interview, one of them told Ringer:

I thought, this guy is stoned, his dog gets into his stash. He’s not making good decisions at this point because he’s high, and he loves his dog so he takes the dog to the hospital. And of course the receptionist is lecturing him: “Sit your stupid ass down and I’ll call you a veterinarian.” So he sits down; the dog’s leash is there…the dog’s stoned so he’s hungry. And he wants a snack.

For those seeking closure, that should be enough. For those hungry for Twitter reactions, here they are.

As you may have figured, this is like the 100th time someone has shared the clip on Twitter. This time it is because US President Trump is being treated for COVID there.

This means that the dog eating a heart becomes the second most stupid thing to happen at the hospital. First is an infected Trump coming out and waving at people.  

Anyway, as it turns out, TV writers across the world have done some weird stuff. Takes off our edge but it's cool.