Don’t get me wrong. The point I’m trying to make is, not only are Punjabi nicknames incredibly funny, they are potential lyrics and indispensable part of the ‘ Yo Yo Rap shabdkosh ‘. So all you Punjabi parents out there, thank you for nick-naming your kids when you are high. We appreciate it. Here goes the list:

Fraash Fraash tu pind se aayi, naam hai tera Bubbly Aa jaa kudiye, setting kara doon, meet my braadar Lovely… Selfie lele hot hot, phoonk le thoda pot pot, Sony baby, Tipsy holey, maar tequila shot shot! * Music stops abruptly * Yo Yo Honey Singh!

1. Your nickname: Tittu

How people react: “I know, they always come in pairs. BTW, Tit one kahan hai?”

And you go like:

2. Your nickname: Ponty

How people react: “That’s what Himesh calls his shit.”

And you go like:

3. Your nickname: Dollar

How people react: “So you’re always going down?”

And you go like:

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4. Your nickname: King

How people react: “Arre rey! All hail the mighty lord!!”

And you go like:

5. Your nickname: Pappi

How people react: “Stay away, pervert.”

And you go like:

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6. Your nickname: Chinky

How people react: “Hey, that’s 5 years in jail. Get it? GET it?”

And you go like:

7. Your nickname: Salty

How people react: ” Naam poochha tha, taste nahi!

And you go like:

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8. Your nickname: Seeti

How people react: “So you get blown a lot, eh?”

And you go like:

9. Your nickname: Pinky

How people react: “I wanna hold you.”

And you go like:

10. Your nickname: Makhan

How people react: “So cheesy.”

And you go like:

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11. Your nickname: Kaddu

How people react: ” Aur pakao ise, abhi kachha hai.

And you go like:

12. Your nickname: Gulabo

How people react: ” Aye Haaye! Gulaabo! * Lech mode* “

And you go like:

13. Your nickname: Toppa

How people react: “Isn’t that slang for a big-ass condom?”

And you go like:

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14. Your nickname: Tipsy

How people react: “Much alcohol! So Punjabi!”

And you go like:

15. Your nickname: Happy

How people react: ” Uncle ko itni hi English aati hogi. HA HA”

And you go like:

16. Your nickname: Sony

How people react: “As in Sony Vaio?”

And you go like:

17. Your nickname: Pappu

How people react: “I see, your parents support Congress. Cool.”

And you go like:

18. Your nickname: Guglu

How people react: “That sounds like a slimy ball of goo!”

And you go like:

19. Your nickname: Prince

How people react: “Of what? Janakpuri east?”

And you go like:

20. Your nickname: Lovely

How people react: “Professional University! HA HA HA! ”

And you go like:

21. Your nickname: Banta

How people react: ” Height kam toh hai teri waise…

And you go like:

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Having said all that shit, I have to concede, Punjabi people can really take jokes on themselves. So, I’ll be back with more insult. Cheers. 🙂