To pull off theft, you have to have a certain kind of attitude – which pays off sometimes (to those committing the crime), and sometimes it doesn’t. Here, we have made a list of burglars who did some bizarre things while on their “job” and ended up making headlines. 

1. A group of thieves in Bihar stole a bridge. A 60-foot-long bridge! They acted as officials from the irrigation department when asked by the locals, uprooted the whole thing, and walked away with it.

2. A group of thieves in Aligarh, entered a house, tied the residents, and ate Eid biryani and curd before stealing jewelry and cash.


Cubes N Juliennes

3. Similarly, a duo entered a biryani shop in Delhi with the intention of stealing cash but when they didn’t find any, they decided to feast instead. They ran away with the laptop of the owner, though, but that proved to be their undoing.

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4. A thief in Guwahati decided to have a hearty meal before stepping out with stuff that he had looted. So he decided to khichdi at the owner’s house. He must have been quite clumsy because the sound of the utensils caught neighbors’ attention and he was arrested within a few hours.

5. A burglar in Bengaluru went to rob a house with fellow thieves, took lakhs of cash and expensive jewelry…and left his phone behind for the police to find.

The Asian Age

6. An electrical engineer tried to pull off a bank robbery with a toy gun. It was found out that he wasn’t using a real weapon when police reached the scene.

The Statesman

7. A family in Andhra Pradesh left AC in one of the rooms on, presumably by mistake but we are not sure. Anyway, that turned out to be a blessing because an exhausted thief who had robbed their house found the cold room too comfortable and passed out there. 

Not to promote such behavior, but I kind of understand what that cozy room on an exhausting night would have felt like. 

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8. A Delhi thief admitted to stealing to make up with his angry girlfriend by buying gifts for her. The things we do for love!


9. A naive burglar decided to hide his face while going to rob, which is the oldest trick in the thief book. Except this guy hid his face with transparent polythene. Well, everyone has a slow day.

10. This group of burglars must have thought of themselves as ingenious when they decided to take the help of their pet monkeys to carry out the crimes. They’d use the animals to scare people and then loot them. Now, the thing is that looting with monkeys makes one very niche in the theft market, so they were caught soon.

Anyway, I know morality is not the guiding principle behind robbery but thieves or not, if we can all just animals alone, that’d be amazing.


It’s just not your day sometimes.