Money can’t buy happiness…nor usefulness. Here is a list of 10 ridiculously expensive items that have no use whatsoever but still captured the interest of many. Read on.

1. A tea bag encrusted with 280 diamonds.

Made to celebrate PG Tips’ 75th birthday, the tea bag has tea inside so it’s not completely useless. But then again, who is going to brew 280 diamonds that come with it? The thing cost $10,000 ten years ago.

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2. This rock that looks like meat.

And costs $1,255,000.00. For real, it is still listed on eBay, but honestly, has no real purpose. What are you going to do with this thing? Can’t even throw it if it’s this expensive.


3. A jar filled with the spirit of a human.

Or this is what the seller told everyone. The jar was ultimately sold for $55,000, which is nothing short of a miracle.


4. A GuccixAdidas umbrella that cannot stop the rain.

This umbrella, made by Gucci and Adidas, in collaboration is being sold for more than 1 lakh rupees. Now that’s something, right? The Gucci website says you can protect yourself from sun using this but I think even that won’t be possible in Delhi’s 48-degree heat.

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5. Jacquemus’ mini bags.

These bags cost ₹60,000 and can fit maybe a key – maybe not even that. Then what’s the point? They won’t even be visible unless the other person is standing in close vicinity. But you’d best believe people do buy these.

6. Jil Sander’s paper bag.

Again, yes, this can probably be used but who except multi-millionaires will take a ₹21,000 paper bag to get groceries? I have assumed that’s what this bag is for. I don’t see any other use of it.

7. Britney Spears’ chewed bubble gum.

In 2004, someone put a bubble gum, chewed by Britney Spears, for sale online for $14,000. The uselessness and the weirdness of it aside, how did anyone verify it was actually chewed by Britney?


8. This “slightly damaged” laptop that was put on sale for $21,000.

If the picture is anything to go by, there was nothing “slight” about the damage endured and carried by the laptop. $21,000, seriously?


9. A piece of cardboard “shaped a bit like an iPhone 5”.

This cardboard started a bidding war, apparently, and was ultimately sold for $300,000. More than 100 people participated in this bidding game, which was said to be used for charity but no one is sure about that.


10. LV’s airplane handbag.

This airplane bag is shaped in such a manner that it would really be impossible to keep anything in it. Then what do you use it for? We’re still wondering. It was a huge hit, though.

Bubble gum, really?