We’ve all been seeing the immense popularity that Shark Tank India has gained over the last few weeks. The show is now the talk of many desi households. And like every great reality TV series, each of Shark Tanks judges are widely loved. They all have their unique styles of talking! For instance, Ashneer Grover. 


We all know his temperament has landed him a bunch of super funny memes online. Grover just seems to be THAT judge, you know? The toughest cookie of the lot. So how would you react if you found out that someone went ahead and created an Ashneer Grover bot on Reddit? A user by the name of u/XoulsS is behind this very cool invention. And in case you’re wondering what the bot actually does, well, it responds to comments just like Ashneer Grover!

Here’s the post by the maker of the bot. 

And here are the Ashneer-Grover-like responses the bot produced (which, by the way, hilariously vary from mildly irritated to disappointed AF in the entrepreneur’s words). 

The bot’s design would have been incomplete without this response right here. 

Seems like the janta’s really enjoying playing around with this neat invention. 


BRB going to go comment on this and ask Ashneer Bot for advice.