From arranging buses for stranded migrant workers to converting his hotel into a quarantine facility for corona warriors to helping Indian students stranded in warzones, Sonu Sood has always been there in time of need. Since he distributed blankets in the winter, it’s obvious for people to ask him for ‘help’ in this scorching heat as well. 

This Twitter user posted a photo stating, “Sardiyo mein kambal daan dene waalo, garmiyon mein ‘thandi beer’ nahi pilaoge?” And Sonu Sood hilariously replied, “Beer ke saath bhujiya chalega?” And twitterati joined in the fun conversation with equally hilarious replies. 

People have their preferences

…and some other snack options

Haldiram Urdu controversy making its way

Masala Papad supremacy

Some more preferences

The sad tale of people not being able to afford chakna

Sonu Sood – the OG dev manus

We only have one thing to say to Sonu Sood ‘helping’ people in this scorching heat – tum kya mast kaam karta hai Sonu bhai. 😂