If there is one feeling that makes people do all sorts of crazy and OTT things, it is love. There have been countless incidents where people have pulled off the craziest of stunts and even antics when they are in love – either to impress their lover or be with their lover. And honestly, it’s equal parts cute and funny.

In a country as big as ours, there isn’t a dearth of such stories. Here are eight times desi people did the wildest things for their lover in the name of love.

1. When a girl in Bihar cut off the power supply of her entire village to meet her boyfriend in the dark.

A girl in Bihar’s Bettiah used to cut off the power supply of her entire village to meet her lover in the dark. The villagers complained to the electricity department multiple times but to no avail. As a result of the frequent power cuts, the villagers also complained of theft. The matter came to light when the villagers caught them. The man was thrashed. Later, the villagers suggested that the couple should get married at the local temple.

bihar couple

2. When a woman swam to India from Bangladesh to marry her lover.

A woman from Bangladesh swam across the border and reached India to marry her boyfriend whom she had met on Facebook. Not just the river, the woman also crossed the Sundarbans – home to the Royal Bengal Tiger – to reach her destination. It has been reported that the woman had to take this unsafe route because she did not have a passport. Later, she was arrested for illegally crossing the Indian border.

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Sunderban National Park

3. A woman from Rajasthan went to Pakistan to meet her ‘Facebook friend’.

A woman from Rajasthan’s Alwar travelled to Pakistan on a valid visa to meet a Facebook friend whom she had known for four years. The woman told her husband that she was going to Jaipur but she went to Dir Town of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Reports suggest that the woman entered Pakistan through the Wagah border in Punjab.

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4. A youth climbed a high-tension electricity transmission tower after he got his heart broken.

A youth in Chennai climbed a high-tension electricity transmission tower after her minor girlfriend turned down his offer of marriage. Agitated and heartbroken, the youth climbed on the tower and staged a drama to win over his girlfriend. The authorities had to cut off the power supply to save the man from getting electrocuted. According to reports, the man was booked and sent to jail.


5. A woman from Poland flew down to Jharkhand to marry her boyfriend whom she had met on Instagram.

A Polish woman had befriended a man from Jharkhand’s Hazaribag back in 2021. As time progressed, their friendship blossomed into love. Earlier in July this year, the divorced woman flew down from Poland on a tourist visa along with her daughter. The couple has decided to tie the knot and they have applied for marriage in the Hazaribag SDM Court.


6. Inspired by Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a man got his wife married to her lover.

It all began when the wife had gone to meet her lover. However, they were caught cheating by their families and the villagers held them hostage. But the woman’s husband took the couple to the local temple and got them married. As reported by India Today, the husband said that he is no one to stop her wife from getting her love just because she is married.


7. This Bihar electrician would cut off his village’s power supply in order to meet his girlfriend.

An electrician in Bihar’s Ganeshpur village would cut off the power supply of his entire village for two to three hours every evening in order to meet his girlfriend in the dark. Villagers were distressed by the daily power cuts when they saw that their neighbouring villages had electricity all the time. The matter came to light only when the villagers caught the couple at the local government school.


8. When a Pakistani woman entered India to marry a man whom she met while playing online Ludo.

Back in February this year, a woman from Pakistan had come to India to marry a man whom she had met online while playing online Ludo. The couple had started off as friends and later they fell in love. The woman was, later, arrested for entering India illegally. She had entered India via Nepal. She was sent back to Pakistan via the Attari land border.


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