Is there anything Artificial Intelligence (or, AI) cannot do? From doing the most complex of things such as passing an anti-bot test, to even simpler activities such as giving movie suggestions – AI can do it all. But not everything is hunky-dory. There are two sides to a coin and AI is no exception. While AI has done all of these amazing things, there have been instances of AI flirting with users and even giving unhinged answers to basic questions.

All of these instances made us think about how an AI would perceive the world. And the things that would be very stereotypical of an AI to do. And voila, we came up with these posters that sum up the urges an AI would have. From being the best that there is to making rookie mistakes, here are some posters that perfectly sum up the accurate urges an AI would have.

the ai urge to
the ai urge

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artificial intelligence urge
artificial intelligence urges
the urge an AI will have

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urges of an AI
chatgpt urges
AI having urges
AI urge to be wrong

Maybe in the near future, we might get to see these urges in real life.

Design Credits: Shanu Ketholia

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