A brewery in Singapore is turning urine and sewage into ‘Newbrew- the greenest beer’. As per reports, The brewery’s unique craft beer is made using ‘Newater,’ Singapore’s brand of clean, high-quality water recycled from sewage and urine.

Amidst the heatwave and weekend on its way- a chilled beer is like a cool breeze we all need. Nonetheless, a company in Singapore has taken innovations to the next level as they are brewing beer from urine. Yup, that’s true.  


Nearly 95 percent of Newbrew is made of Newater, which adheres to international norms of safe drinking water and also is tested clean enough to use for brewing beer.

If you wish to try Newbrew, it gives you a smooth toasted honey-like aftertaste. The beer is reportedly made with the finest ingredients such as premium German barley malts, aromatic Citra, and Calypso hop, as well as kveik, a highly sought-after strain of farm-house yeast from Norway.

With the aim to be environment friendly and spread awareness about the water crisis, Newbrew was launched on April 8 by national water agency PUB and local craft beer brewery ‘Brewerkz’.

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